10 to 16 A Siemens MPCB

10 to 16 A Siemens MPCB

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10 to 16 A Siemens MPCB

  • Siemens MPCB is Motor Protection Circuit Breakers.
  • MCB is designed for a complete variety of functions circuit protection functions while MPCB's are used for the particular function of protecting circuits driving electric motors. online buy Siemens mpcb and abb mpcb at best price from aerrexo
  • MPCB's usually have thermal and magnetic trips or mechanism to break the circuit when it necessary.

Features of Siemens mpcb :

10 to 16 A Siemens MPCB

MPCB provides High capacity.

Wirework reduction

Available Standard accessories for MPCB.

Protective form short circuit

Loads disconnection,

An adapter kit available, bus bar, handle extended

100% import quality product. 

Type of product: MPCB
No. of poles : 3 poles mpcb
Current Rating - A: 10 to 16
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Rated Voltage: 220/415 V
Trip Type: Thermal Magnetic Trip
Application: for industrial use
Warranty: 6 months from an order delivered, T&C apply.
Note: Actual product model might vary from given in the picture.
Packing Unit: 1

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