High Tension Control Panel - HT

High Tension Control Panel - HT

High tension control panels (HT)
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High Tension Control Panel - HT

High tension control panels are compact outdoor type systems, which are mainly used in substations. The product range is prepared from the circuit breaker or switch fuse on the HT side. That protects the device from unexpected or immediate voltage fluctuations.

Aerrexo provides all kind of HT panel. High tension control Panel is the same as the Lower Tension control Panel except the HT panels are used for high tension cables.

HT control panels are used in Residential, Commercial, small & large Industrial projects. HT control panel used in Power Transformers. HT panel used in generation and Capacitor Banks. Also, For Power Distribution HT panels are used.


Automatic automation grade in HT panel

Polished Surface Finish in HT panel

Mild Steel material and also in Stainless Steel material

HT panel has electric power Source

Safety features.

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