Crompton VCB 1200 AMP

Crompton VCB 1200 AMP

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1200 amp Crompton VCB 

  • VCB is a vacuum circuit breaker, used in metal clad switchgear.
  • VCB used in porcelain housed CB.
  • Used in domestic and industrial applications.
  • Used beyond 440V.
  • Used where arc quenching occurs in a vacuum environment.
  • Known as the most reliable current interruption technology from medium voltage switchgear. 1200 amp Crompton vcb. buy Crompton vcb online.

Features of 1200 amp Crompton VCB:

  • VCB has a long life.
  • VCB is avoiding the explosion.
  • It has no fire hazard.
  • VCB’s maintenance is almost free.
  • VCB is ideal for fault clearing and fasts in operation.
  • crompton 1200amp VCB

Type of product: Vaccum Circuit Breaker
No. of Pole : 3
Current Rating: 1200 amp vcb
Application: for industrial use
Note: Actual product model might vary from given in the picture.
Packing: 1
crompton 1200amp VCB

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