20 HP Variable 3 Phase AC Drives 15 kW

20 HP Variable 3 Phase AC Drives 15 kW

AC Drive
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20 HP Variable 3 Phase AC Drives 15 kW

  • AC drive stands for Adjustable Control.
  • AC drives are also known as a variable speed controller.
  • And the electric drives are as AC drives and DC drives for adjustable voltage, adjustable frequency, few more are servo drives, eddy current drives, wound-rotor motor drives etc…
  • AC drive has given a huge contribution to the industries.
  • Mainly used to control the speed of an electrical motor. Aerrexo sells the best marine AC drive and old variable AC drive seller.
  • AC drives come with a substantial change to our lives.
  • AC drive can regulate the airflow motor speed of FAN & Air-Conditioners.
  • 100% import quality product.


AC drive can reduce energy usage.

AC drive generates energy efficiency.

On motor-control application, it helps to decrease mechanical stress.

Optimize various applications which are relying on electric motors.

Keep the living area or working area at a comfortable temperature.

Usually, the three-phase voltage creates a rotating magnetic field by an electric motor.

Types of product: AC Drive
Motor Rating: 20 HP AC drive
Power Rating (kW): 15
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power Supply Voltage: 220 / 415 V
Phase : 3 phase  AC drive
Safety: Higher Motor Protection
Application: For automation and industrial use 
Warranty: return acceptable in case of manufacturing defect only, T&C apply.
Note: Actual product model might vary from given in the picture.
Packing Unit: 1
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