63A mcb 3 Pole

63A mcb 3 Pole

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63A mcb 3 Pole

  • 63a MCB is a miniature circuit breaker. Mainly used to break circuits when short circuit or overload of electric power generated.
  • Mainly used for domestic and industrial applications.
  • A robot of auto breaker the main power cut when the voltage is too high, or overload of electrical rays. aerrexo provide 63a mcb and 63a mcb price in best range.
  • MCB uses in home electrical panels.
  • MCB has a ground trip mechanism.


Protects from short circuit.

Rescue from high voltage damages, switching voltages high to low or low to high.

Also, provide safety from power overloading.

Protects from over-current.

63a mcb

100% import quality product.

Type of product: MCB
No. of poles : 3 poles mcb
Current Rating - A: 63a mcb
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Rated Voltage: 220/415 V
Trip Type: Short Circuit
Application: for industrial use
Warranty: 6 months from an order delivered, T&C apply.
Note: Actual product model might vary from given in the picture.
Packing Unit: 1

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