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Electric & Electronics
Electric & Electronics

As human being we know and we understand that what electricity matters for us. As electricity is natural power but thanks to Mr. Benjamin Franklin for discovering electricity on initial only for lighting. Afterwards number of products and so much useful electric items we used on a regular basis.

With the motive of power saving the serve some energetic electrical machines and tools for industries, home, office, hospitals, schools, public places or work places… the electric and electronic items are surrounded.

We serve few products in category of Electric & Electronics:


ü  Automatic electrical switch.

ü  Protect electric circuit.

ü  Protect from short circuit, exhausted current use.

ü  Interrupting the overload use of electricity or power.

ü  A fuse that operates once, it must be replaced with new one.

ü  Need to reset either manually or automatically to resume normal operation.

ü  All  Acb, Mcb, Mccb, and Vcb are used for the same function to break the electricity power when safety is on top notch priority.

ü  ACB: fully adjustable, electronic and microprocessor controlled, rated up to 10,000 A, usually use in large industries.

ü  MCB: not so adjustable, rated not more than 100 A, thermal or thermal magnatic operation.

ü  MCCB: trip might be adjustable, rated up to 1000 A, also thermal or thermal magnatic operation.

ü  VCB: rated up to 3000 A, interrupt the arc in vacuum bottle, applied on thousands of V.

ü  There are many more circuit breakers like, RCD- Residual Current Device /  RCCB- Residual Current Circuit Breaker, ELCB- Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker and RCBO- Residual Circuit Breaker Overload.

ü  Which also used as power breaker as per requirement arises.

We used those electric motors as electronic solutions in our day to day life. Often used in industrial, commercial, residential as electronic appliances like fans, compressors, pumps, elevators, refrigerators, air coolers, washing machines etc…

  • Three-terminal power semiconductor device.
  • Used as electronic switch.
  • Easy switching to law to high and high to law.
  • By using Switches introduce high efficiency and fast mode switching.
  • Result affected by voltage power.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and electronic kitchen appliances are made kitchen well managed and well established. Including Kitchen appliances, other daily electric home appliances are made our day more blissful.

So, always taking care to provide those all electric and electronic products sale online, and assure on time delivery, its amazing venture we want to deliver your choice, your requirement of any industrial items at your door.